Monday, December 19, 2016

A Watercolor Santa (Shimmerz Paints)


I'm here today to share my last creation for Shimmerz Paints. As Christmas is near, I wanted to make something Christmassy, but I didn't want to do a layout, so I went for a little ornament that made its way on my mantle this year.

I drew the Santa following an image I've pinned on Pinterest. I'm sorry, I can't find the link. I would love to give the credit to the person who drew this cute Santa first.

For his clothes, I used Red Hot Aqua Huez and Tidy Widy Texturez. For his skin, I used Tan Yer Hide Aqua Huez and My Clementine Creameez. I also added a bit of Piglet Aqua Huez on his cheeks. His beird, hair and moustache, I shaded with No One's Chrome Inklingz and Thunder Storm Creameez.

The belt, I colored with Inter-BLACK-Tic Aqua Huez. For the buckle, I used Sheer Bliss Inklingz. His little stuffed deer, I painted with Don't Be Suede Coloringz and a bit of Tan Yer Hide Aqua Huez. 

I used Ride the Tide Creameez around Santa, and Green Acres Creameez under his feet. 

I hope you like it. 

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