Tuesday, August 29, 2017

This Is Good Life (Guest Designer for Accent Scrapbooking)

Dear crafty friends,

It's already my last share as guest designer for Accent Scrapbooking. I couldn't ignore those cute mushrooms badges. They are way to cute! And I thought they were a perfect match for the beautiful Dreamscapes collection from 7 Dots Studio. So here is what I came up with.

I paired one of the mushrooms with a badge from the Herringbone Texture set.

You can see, on the picture below, that I used another mushroom badge amongst my flower cluster.

Above my picture, I used one badge from the Textures set.

I used lots of 2Crafty chipboards on this layout, along with lots of 7 Dots Studio Dreamscapes products.

I went a bit crazy with the colors on this one!

Lots of layers! All my flowers are from Prima Marketing.

Accent Scrapbooking products used:

I really hope my layout inspired you to visit Kareen store on etsy to see her amazing selection of badges. She offers great service and fast shipping!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Beauty (Prima Marketing)

My dear crafty friends,

Today, I'd like to share with you a layout I made for Prima Marketing. I decided to play with pastel colors, which is pretty unusual for me. Normally, I tend to go for rich and saturated colors. But I wanted a softer look to go with this picture of my daughter.

I used the B side of a paper from the Timeless Memories 12x12 Paper Pad as my background. It was a pretty pale peach color. 

I created a paper cluster with lots of Journaling Note Cards and paper pieces from different collections.

All around where my cluster, I spread Texture Paste in White Crackle, and modeling paste through the 6x6 Checker Stencil. 

I used two Color Blooms to add color: Ginger Coral (which I diluted with water to get this soft peachy pink color) and the Soft Teal. 

I went over the top with flowers on this layout. I had a few leftovers from different collections and they all seemed to fit on this layout!

I also used some Paper Clay and my Keyholes Mould from IOD to create embellishments. I rubbed some Metallique Light Patina acrylic paint on them with my finger.

I also used some Mélange Art Pebbles amongst my clusters. I covered them with White Gesso and with a light coat of Ginger Coral Color Bloom. 

I love the crackle finish I got. This badge is from Accent Scrapbooking

I used the Crochet Doily Die with white cardstock.

I used two 2Crafty Chipboard pieces on that layout. 

Prima products: 847364 - Timeless Memories 12x12 Paper Pad, 815301 - IOD Vintage Art Decor Moulds - Keyholes814991 - Paper Clay 8.8 oz583699 - Salvage District 3x4 Journaling Notecards582593 - Royal Menagerie 3x4 Journaling Notecards578954 - Garden Fable 3x4 Journaling Notecards846862 - Epiphany - Words to Live By579012 - Garden Fable 4x6 Journaling Note Cards960179 - 6x6 Checker Stencil582555 - Clear Stamps 2 - Royal Menagerie906803 - Vintage Vanity - Music Notes960841 - Clear Stamp- Read to Me963705 - Art Ingredients - Art Stones964672 - Art Ingredients - Mega Art Stones961466 - Art Basics - Clear Gesso961442 - Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - White961428 - Art Basics - Soft Matte Gel961398 - Art Basics - 3D Matte Gel961411 - Art Basics - Modeling Paste961503 - Art Extravagance - Texture Paste - White Crackle580285 - Color Bloom - Ginger Coral, 573782 - Color Bloom Soft Teal, 963248 - Art Alchemy - Acrylic Paint - Metallique Light Patina963323 - Art Ingredients - Mélange Art Pebbles

I really hope you find my layout inspirational. 
Have a great day.

Karine xx

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My Happy Place (Prima Marketing)

Dear crafty friends,

I'm here again today to share with you a layout I created with a product I recently discovered: Art Alchemy waxes!

I must admit I was skeptical at first: I've had waxes in the past and I didn't like how they looked when put on, they were thick so they didn't went on smoothly. But as soon as I tried the Prima ones, I fell in love! They are the perfect product to add a finishing touch to about everything, they smell so good and they are so smooth: they go on like butter. 

On my layout, I used two color (Art Alchemy - Metallique Wax - Bronze Age and Art Alchemy - Antique Brillance - Amethyst Magic) to alter raw chipboard and to add a bit of contrast to my paper edges. 

I also used the Amethyst Magic to color my leaves (cut with the Forest Leaves Dies in regular white cardstock) and Art Pebbles previously covered with a coat of clear gesso, to make sure the wax will stay on the pebble. 

I love how everything you touch with those waxes catches light and pops! 

Prima Marketing products used:
992026 - Little Love Notes (Love Clippings collection)992019 - Always & Forever (Love Clippings Collection), 910235 - Julie Nutting Tag Pag, 991012 - Tales of You & Me 3x4 Journaling Notecards961466 - Art Basics - Clear Gesso961411 - Art Basics - Modeling Paste961442 - Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - White961398 - Art Basics - 3D Matte Gel961428 - Art Basics - Soft Matte Gel963705 - Art Ingredients - Art Stones564216 - 6x6 Stencil - Circular Lattice584092 - Prima Dies - Forest Leaves580285 - Color Bloom - Ginger Coral588793 - Color Bloom 2 - Black Tulip964023 - Art Alchemy - Metallique Wax - Bronze Age964320 - Art Alchemy - Antique Brillance - Amethyst Magic, 586539 - Vintage Emporium Flowers - Verona, 575304 - Something Blue Flowers - Ring Bearer594879 - Prima Flowers - Paige594800 - Prima Flowers - Haley963323 - Art Ingredients - Mélange - Art Pebbles 46 pc.991944 - Frank Garcia Memory Hardware - Pearls II, 890940 - Comfort Distressing Tool, 962760 - Brushes Set of 7963897 - Art Basics Mixed Media Silicone Brush 1"963880 - Art Basics Mixed Media Silicone Brush 2 »

Chipboards are from 2Crafty Chipboard.

I hope you'll try those waxes! You'll see, you'll love them!

Have a great day,
Karine xx

Capture (Guest Designer for Accent Scrapbooking)

Dear crafty friends,

Today, I get to share my second layout as a guest designer for Accent Scrapbooking. When I got my package from Kareen, I immediately wanted to use the Mandala kit. I chose the colors of my layout according to three of the badges in the kit.

I can't tell you enough how I love the subtle pattern and texture on those badges! 

I also used one of the Textures badges that seemed to fit perfectly.

I used some 2Crafty Chipboard pieces on my layout. 

My background paper is the Cloud Watching paper from 7 Dots Studio Cotton Candy Dreams collection. I also used the 12x12 Tags from this collection. All my flowers, leaves and Art Stones are from Prima Marketing.

Accent Scrapbooking products used:

I hope you like my layout.
Have a nice day.


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Perfection (2Crafty Chipboard)

Hi there,

I'm sharing with you today my second layout for 2Crafty this month. It is called Perfection. Here it is.

I used roughly the same sketch for this second layout, but I went a bit crazy with the colors. I used Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint Metallique Emerald Green (963170), Metallique Ancient Coin (963057) and Metallique Green Olive (963163) to create my background.

I began with the Retro Panel. I cut it in 3 pieces and embossed them with a black glittery embossing powder. I then rubbed some Art Alchemy waxes (Art Alchemy Metallic Wax Vintage Gold (963958) Art Alchemy Antique Brillance Lucky Emerald (964344)) on the edges.

Over my picture, I placed the beautiful Ornate Dragonfly. I embossed it with a dark blue powder, and then, rubbed some waxes to add to the old finish.

 I treated my title, the word Perfection, the same way.

I embossed the Weeping Vine in gold embossing powder. I then cut it apart and placed pieces here and there on my layout.

I embellished it with Prima flowers.

2Crafty Chipboard products used:

Retro Panel

Ornate Dragonfly


Weeping Vine

I hope you like my layout. Have a nice day.